AgStar's Mobile Banking

Bank Anywhere, Anytime Via Text Messaging or Mobile Browser

Expand the freedom you’ve enjoyed with Internet Banking by taking it with you—on your phone. If you have set up Internet Banking with AgStar, you can also enroll in Mobile Banking. With AgStar’s free Mobile Banking service, you can use a mobile web browser or SMS/text messaging to:


Mobile Web


 View Account Balances



 View Account Details



 View Transaction History



 Transfer Money
  (including to/from external accounts)



Learn more mobile web browser and text/SMS banking.

Available Exclusively to Internet Banking Users

AgStar Mobile banking is available to clients who are enrolled in AgStar’s Internet Banking service.*

* Please note, AgStar Mobile Banking is not available for Advanced Internet Banking clients.

Use Your Mobile Phone to Get Started

Access AgStar’s free Mobile Banking services by using either your phone’s mobile internet browser or by sending and receiving text messages. You can use a simple flip phone or the most advanced smart phones, including the iPhone and Android devices. AgStar provides Mobile Banking services for free, but your wireless service provider’s fees for data and text messages will apply. Talk to your wireless service provider about your current plan, and consider adding data and text messaging plans if you don’t already have them.

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Enroll in Mobile Banking
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Get the Right Plan?
Most text messaging and data service users will benefit by subscribing to packaged access plans. Use this information when you talk to your mobile carrier so you can choose the plans that are right for you. 

Questions? Let us Help:
ACES at 800-705-6603 or  ACES is available from 7:30 am – 5:00 pm CT, Monday – Friday.