Thank You Farmers
Agriculture makes life better for everyone. Every day we are touched by countless products that nourish us, provide comfort, and keep us healthy and active. If you ate today, are wearing clothes or have a place to live, thank a farmer.

  GroundBreakers Conference - February 2011
This educational event for young, beginning and small farmers gave 275 attendees the opportunity to hear the latest on succession and transition planning presented by Cathy Olson and Al Bennett from Lookout Ridge Consulting.
  AgStar Presents Dr. Kohl - Winter 2010
Has the New Year got you thinking about your finances? Let Dr. David Kohl help you answer some of those questions.

AgStar Presents Dr. Jay Lehr - Fall 2010
Bend your mind! Whether you’re pondering the future of the agriculture industry, contemplating ways to reach out to the non-farming community or simply looking to be entertained, you’ve come to the right spot.