Enroll in Internet Banking

Enrollment in Internet Banking is simple and secure.  The entire process should take less than 5 minutes.  You’ll need the following information to enroll:

  • Customer Number – this can be found in the upper left-hand corner of your statement.
  • Zip Code
  • Social Security Number or Tax ID Number

Once you complete enrollment, you’ll be able to access Internet Banking immediately.  However, it may take 1 business day to view your account information online. Find out if Internet Banking is for you.


  1. Click on "Begin Enrollment" above.
  2. Enter your Customer Number and Zip Code.
    Your customer number can be found on the upper left hand corner of your statement that you recieve in the mail.
  3. Enter the last four digits of your SSN or Tax ID number.
  4. Create user name.
    Create a unique username for yourself. Note: Your username can contain letters, numbers and/or symbols and must be at least 4 characters long, but no longer than 15 characters. You will be prompted if the username you select is already in use. Alternative name suggestions will also be provided.
  5. Verify e-mail address.
    Veryify that the e-mail address displayed in the box below the Username is accurate, and then click Enroll. Important: if the wrong e-mail is displayed or no e-mail is displayed, contact ACES at 800-705-6603 to complete enrollment.
  6. You have successfully enrolled!
    A one-time password as been sent to your e-mail to be used in the account set-up and login process.

ACCOUNT SET-UP: (First-Time Access) 

  1. Go to AgStar.com - enter ID.
    This will be the Login ID you created during enrollment.
  2. Enter your temporary password.
    This is the password emailed to you at enrollment.
  3. Create Daily login password.
    You'll be asked to provide your existing password (this will be your one-time temporary password), create a new password and confirm your new password. This will be the password to use going forward.
  4. Select and provide answers to 3 challenge questions.
    These security questions will be used when you log in to Mobile Banking for the first time.
  5. Read and accept the General Disclaimer.
  6. Verify your profile informaiton.
    If the informaiton displayed is correct, click on Verify Profile. If you need to make changes, click on Update Profile.
  7. Enroll for One-Time PIN (OTP).
    Click Verify to enroll (required) and agree to the OTP disclaimer on the next page. One-Time PIN is a required security feature activated to protect transactions to/from an external banking account.
  8. Confirm your One-Time PIN Enrollment
    Select a deliver option (phone call, text or email), click “Send OTP” and wait a few seconds for the OTP to arrive. Within 5-10 seconds you will receive an OTP message with a 6 digit pin. Enter that pin in the next screen and click “Confirm”.
  9. You are logged in.
    You can manage your password and security settings at any time from the Preferences tab in the main navigation.

DAILY LOGIN PROCEDURE: (After First-Time Login is Completed)

  1. 1. Go to AgStar.com – Select Internet Banking.
    This will take you to the login screen.
  2. Enter your password.
    Enter the password you created during the Account Set-up. This will be the password to login to AgStar Internet Banking.
  3. For security reasons, you may be prompted to enter an OTP on your first login.
    Check the box to “Please recognize this computer when I login” to avoid OTPs on login.

Please contact ACES at 800-705-6603 to request an Internet Banking user guide.

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Advanced Internet Banking lets you complete all the same tasks as Internet Banking, but it has several added advanced features and Business Apps. Enjoy the same convenience, security and support with even more functionality! 

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 Questions? Let us Help:
ACES at 800-705-6603 or iBank@AgStar.com.  ACES is available from 7:30 am – 5:00 pm CT, Monday – Friday.