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Is Internet Banking For You?

Banking only better

Do you ever feel as though the technology created to make our lives easier has done just the opposite? Keeping up with all the wizardry can be exhausting. Sometimes simpler is better. What if you had just one, easy tool to manage your accounts, transfer money and pay bills? How about being able to access it at anytime from anywhere on your smartphone, laptop or tablet?

If you’d like the option of managing your funds yourself — 24/7 —, it may be time to consider AgStar Internet Banking.

Transfer funds in a click

Chances are you’re already transferring your money to and from your AgStar accounts with our team through a phone call or in person. Like many financial institutions, AgStar uses the ACH or Automated Clearing House to transfer funds. ACHs are one of the most widely used mechanisms for moving money worldwide.  They securely transfer funds electronically from one financial institution to another and are more reliable and faster than some other delivery services.

ACHs can be scheduled in advance, making sure that the payment is made on time, but also assuring that the money stays in the payor’s account as long as possible. Recurring payments can also be set up, so the same transaction occurs at the same time every payment period – a very handy option to ease the bill payment process.

At AgStar, we support ACH transactions through our Internet Banking platform. Most commonly, AgStar clients simply connect their external checking accounts to AgStar Internet Banking. Then, when more money is needed in the checking account to fund their operation, they transfer funds from an Operating Loan or Line of Credit to the checking account. These funds are available for use within two days.

Conversely, many AgStar clients simply transfer funds from their checking account to pay an AgStar loan payment. These ACH transactions can be done individually or they can be set up as a recurring transaction. A recurring transaction makes sure that the right payment is made on the right date with as little maintenance as possible moving forward.

At AgStar, all Internet Banking ACH transactions must be submitted by 3pm in order to be acted upon that business day. Transactions occurring after 3pm will be processed the next business day.

Almost like having more hours in the day

As a farmer, you know you have to manage your business round the clock. Regardless of whether you’re in the field, tending your livestock, at a township meeting or watching your kid’s game, there’s always work to do. Now, with AgStar Internet Banking, you can stay on top of your business while doing all of those things and more.

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