Privacy and Security for Mobile Banking 

AgStar takes extensive measures to protect your privacy and security when you use Mobile Banking. When you are logged in for a Mobile Banking session, all the data transmitted to and from AgStar is encrypted according to banking industry standards.

You can further protect your personal information by taking these additional precautions.

Mobile Banking Do's and Don’ts


  • Do enable the automatic keypad lock or phone lock function on your mobile device for when it is not in use. This adds another layer of password protection.
  • Do clear out text messages and cookies before loaning out, discarding or selling your mobile device.
  • Many phones have a “Factory Reset” option available.
  • Do immediately cancel mobile banking access if your mobile device is lost or stolen. Log in to Internet Banking or call ACES at 1-800-705-6603.
  • Do log off when you are finished using AgStar Mobile Banking. Closing your view of the window may not immediately end your session.
  • Do consider installing an application that would allow you to remotely erase all of your phone’s memory if it were lost or stolen.
  • Do disable a Bluetooth connection when you are not using it.
  • Do enable cookies on your mobile browser, but AgStar recommends clearing them after each session.
  • Do set up nicknames for your accounts, preventing the need for you to ever send an account number via text messaging.
  • Do be cautious when downloading apps. Make sure they are from reputable sources.        


  • Don’t disclose personal or financial information via text messages, on phone call or in emails. This includes account numbers, passwords, Social Security numbers and birth dates. Text messages are not secure and conversations may be overheard.
  • Don’t store usernames and passwords on your mobile device.
  • Don’t respond to requests for personal information via text or voice. AgStar will never contact you and request this information. If you contact us, we may ask for some personal verifiable information, but you will never receive an unsolicited call asking for account numbers, Social Security numbers, etc.
  • Don’t open messages from unknown senders or click links sent via text message.
  • Don't jailbreak your phone or otherwise modify the operating system.


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Privacy and Security For Mobile Banking

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