Enroll in Mobile Banking

If you are enrolled in Internet Banking  it’s easy to get started with AgStar Mobile Banking.


 If you plan to access AgStar Mobile Banking, follow these steps.

  1. Log in to Internet Banking at AgStar.com.
  2. Go to “Other Services.”
  3. Click on “Mobile Banking”
  4. Check the box saying you agree to the Terms & Conditions of use then click Submit.
  5. Set up your mobile username. You can use the same user name that you have for Internet Banking, or choose something shorter so it’s easier to enter from a mobile device.
  6. Enter the phone number of the device you wish to use for Internet Banking. You may only assign one mobile phone number to your account.
  7. Create a PIN. You will enter your PIN each time you access Mobile Banking from your mobile device.
    PIN must be at least 4 characters.
    PIN may include letters, numbers or special symbols.
    PIN should be easy to remember and enter, yet hard for someone to guess.
  8. Click on “Enroll” to complete the online part of the process.
  9. Check your mobile phone for a welcome text to verify your enrollment.  This text message will include the URL for mobile banking:  http://m.AgStar.com.  You can now log in with the  mobile username and PIN you set up in the above steps.
  10. You will also receive a text message asking if you want to enable text/SMS banking. If you would like to use text/SMS banking, reply YES to the message.  Otherwise, simply do not reply and you will receive no further text messages.

Basic Commands for Text/SMS Mobile Banking

Text message-based Mobile Banking uses simple commands that are sent to the AgStar Mobile Banking short code: 469228. The easiest way to access information about specific accounts is to set up short, but descriptive nicknames.  You can set up account nicknames by logging into Internet Banking and going to Preferences.  Include the nickname or your account number with your text/SMS request.


Text/SMS Short Code*


Check your account balance.




All accounts: BALANCE

One account: BALANCE [account number or nickname]

Get a history of transactions sent to your phone.


HISTORY [account number or nickname]

Get additional account detail sent to your phone.


DETAILS [account number or nickname]

Get help with mobile banking and information on how to contact the bank.




Get a list of all available short codes



Get details about a single action.




HELP [other action]

Get options for stopping Mobile Banking service



* Short codes can be upper or lowercase letters. They are not case specific.

Un-enroll or Re-enroll in Mobile Banking at Any Time

It is easy to stop or restart Mobile Banking service it at any time. There are two ways to stop Mobile Banking: through Internet Banking or with a text message.

1.  Un-enroll via Internet Banking:
              o   Log in to Internet Banking at AgStar.com.
              o   Go to “Other Services”
              o   Select “Mobile Banking.”
              o   Click on “Un-enroll from Mobile.”

2.    Un-enroll via Text Message:
              o   Send a text message to 469228 that says “STOP”
              o   AgStar will send you a text message with options for stopping SMS, XHTML or ALL
 Mobile Banking services.


You can re-enroll in Mobile Banking at any time. Simply follow the original enrollment steps. Before you can successfully re-enroll, you may need to clear out temporary files, or cookies, that have been stored on your phone’s browser during previous Mobile Banking sessions. To do this:

  • Go to your phone’s browser settings.
  • Clear your cache, your passwords, your history and any temporary files on your phone. Each phone browser works differently. If you need help with this process, look for tips in the Mobile Banking Frequently Asked Questions  or contact your service provider.
  • Return to http://m.AgStar.com and try to log in with your new user name and PIN.
  • Make sure your Login Image and Login Phrase match your Internet Banking login. If they don’t, call ACES for support: 1-800-705-6603.

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Get the Right Plan?
Most text messaging and data service users will benefit by subscribing to packaged access plans. Use this information when you talk to your mobile carrier so you can choose the plans that are right for you. 

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ACES at 800-705-6603 or iBank@AgStar.com.  ACES is available from 7:30 am – 5:00 pm CT, Monday – Friday.