What is Mobile Banking?

Mobile Banking is a free service available to AgStar clients with Internet Banking access.

        * There are two ways to access Mobile Banking:

Mobile Web Browser
Mobile web browsers let you view simplified web pages from your mobile phone. Mobile sites have limited content and simple layouts to reduce the amount of data that must be transferred to your phone and to accommodate your phone’s small keypad and screen. Once you’re enrolled, access Mobile Banking at http://m.AgStar.com.

Text/SMS Messaging
Text Messaging, also known as Short Message Service (SMS), allows phones to receive and send short messages. Each text message can have a maximum of 160 characters. If a message has more than 160 characters, your carrier will usually split the message into two or more text messages. AgStar uses a text messaging short code, which works like a phone number, and it is 469228.

*AgStar Mobile Banking is not available for Advanced Internet Banking clients.

Get the Right Plans for Data Access and Text Messaging Service

Most text messaging and data service users will benefit by subscribing to packaged access plans. Use the information below when you talk to your mobile carrier so you can choose the plans that are right for you.

Text Messaging Plans
If you choose to enroll in text/SMS banking we recommend that you consider purchasing a text plan from your wireless service provider to avoid paying per message fees to your provider. AgStar Mobile Banking will send text messages to your phone when you initially enroll in Mobile Banking. At that point you’ll have the option to opt in or out of Mobile Banking via text/SMS messages. No other messages will be sent unless they are requested, but some responses may require multiple messages, which will increase per-message charges if you don’t have a text plan.

Mobile Internet or Data Plans
When you visit http://m.AgStar.com from your mobile internet browser, your carrier must transmit data to your mobile device. Carriers may charge high prices for each kilobyte or megabyte of data transmitted. To avoid excessive fees, talk to your provider about selecting the right data plan. These general guidelines will help you calculate the impact AgStar Mobile Banking may have on your data service, however, you may have varying experiences depending on your activities:

  • Log ins with 1-2 accounts = 150 KB to 500 KB
  • Log ins with 5-10 accounts = 500 KB to 1.5 MB
  • Log ins with 10 or more accounts = 3 MB or more

Use Almost Any Mobile Device

Whether you have a simple flip phone or the most advanced smart phone, as long as you can access a mobile web browser or receive text messages, your phone or other mobile device should work. If you have questions about your device and its capabilities, please contact your wireless service provider or consult your phone’s user guide.


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