AgStar Stockholder Benefits

As a client-owned cooperative, AgStar is truly your organization. You are a valued stockholder of the company, which means you have a voice and a chance to provide input. In exchange, we provide value-added programs, products and services, including dependable credit, loans, leases, cash management services, business services and much more.

Since 1998, AgStar has allocated over $576 million in patronage dividends and retired over $163 million in patronage dividends to eligible stockholders. Dividends are allocated based on the type and amount of financial services a stockholder uses. All dividends are retired at the discretion of the board of directors. Read the patronage Q&A.

Note: Our patronage dividend program was established as a nonqualified program. Therefore, when dividends are allocated to stockholders, the tax burden remains with AgStar.

We’re Listening

Each voting stockholder maintains ownership in the company, which means you have a voice—and a vote—on all issues affecting our bylaws, board leadership and structure. This ensures that the company will grow the way you, as our stockholders, want it to. Each stockholder's vote carries the same weight, regardless of their number or size of loans with the organization. 

Your AgStar Team is Working for You
As a stockholder, you have even more input through AgStar’s stockholder-elected board of directors, composed of fellow stockholders and appointed directors.