Financial Management

Every decision you make as an agricultural business owner or farm manager has a financial impact. We can help you make difficult decisions or better manage everyday business operations. Turn to AgStar for:

  • Annual financial checkups
  • Help with cash flow problems
  • Expansion feasibility studies
  • Help communicating your financial situation—internally or with your lender
  • Managing pressure from creditors
  • A farm business plan that helps bring the next generation into the business

Get a Customized Farm Business Plan for Financial Success
Our financial analysis services begin with a visit to your business to discuss your particular agribusiness or farm financial management needs. We’ll analyze the financial health of your business over the last three to five years and communicate results during a meeting with your team and in a written report. Each customized financial report includes detailed recommendations for more effective agribusiness or farm financial management.

Whether you’re looking to expand, lock in profits or navigate through today’s volatility, our consultants provide specialized, industry-specific analysis to help you make confident decisions and guide your operation into the future.

Hire a Firm with Agricultural Industry Insights
Take control of your financial situation no matter what decisions your business must face. We have the people and the resources to help you navigate through any financial situation. Our professionals offer practical, relevant, and timely answers to your agribusiness or farm financial management questions. They have access to proprietary financial planning and business monitoring tools that organize and analyze information so you can take advantage of opportunities, develop practical solutions and improve your management decisions.

Dairy Profit Manager Services
Proprietary financial models and industry knowledge allow our experienced dairy consultants to accurately analyze your business. We can turn raw production and financial data into accrual adjusted, fully integrated budget projections, benchmarks and agribusiness or farm business plans.

Crop Profit Manager Services
Our Crop Profit Manager services are specifically designed to help you convert raw data into trends, benchmarks, projections and plans so you can make smart decisions. Because every farm is different, we work directly with you to build a strong, customized plan for success.

Contact a Trusted Advisor Today
It pays to be prepared with reliable financial information and a team of trusted advisors. We can help you make sound business decisions and guide your operation into the future. Contact us today.