Succession Planning

Protect Your Legacy for Generations to Come
Operating a family business demands work-life balance like no other job. You must weigh success of your business with the health and happiness of your family. AgStar can help you develop a solid agribusiness or farm plan ensuring continued business growth for years to come. Our professionals offer an objective voice of reason during an emotional time and can help you:

  • Transfer ownership
  • Transfer management
  • Minimize tax consequences
  • Manage inheritance issues

Agribusiness and Farm Succession Planning in Three Phases
It’s never too early to start planning for the future of your agricultural business. Throughout our three-phase approach, we’ll look for ways to improve your business’s decision-making structure and help plan for internal conflict resolution.

  1. Assessment & Readiness Analysis
    Analysis of historical financial data as well as personal stakeholder interviews helps determine if your business is financially and organizationally ready for a transition.

  2. Management & Ownership Plan Development
    Establishing a family code of conduct and guiding principles helps keep everyone aligned. We’ll review your communications platforms, provide a transition plan for the senior generation and organize all other action items on a timeline.

  3. Succession Plan Implementation
    Our financial professionals will coordinate with your CPA, legal counsel and other professionals to carry out the transition plans. Throughout the process, we maintain a structure of support for resolving conflict, overcoming decision-making paralysis and protecting relationships.

Hire a Firm with Agricultural Industry Insights
When emotions are running high, you’ll find comfort in working with professionals who understand the ins and outs of your agriculture business. Our decades of experience with farms and dairies will provide you with practical insights and unparalleled service.

Contact an Agribusiness or Farm Succession Planning Advisor
Call us today to learn more about our agribusiness and farm succession planning philosophy. We can help you make sound decisions that protect your operation and your family relationships.