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Financial Ratios: Maximize Profit By Understanding Ratios Workshop

Do you know how to calculate your financial ratios for increased profitability?

In this interactive workshop, you will learn how to understand your financial position and have the confidence to make future decisions. Members of AgStar's credit team will show you how to calculate key financial ratios and apply them to your operation for maximizing profitability. They will also introduce the Farm Financial Standards which were developed by a national effort to encourage standardization including financial statement formats, terminology, and calculations for measuring financial position.

To help you build upon your knowledge of the basic financial management concepts learned in this workshop, register now for Financial Ratios: How Do I Grow and Improve? Using data from your operation, you will compare your numbers to financial standards benchmarks which will help you set logical, realistic goals to take your business to the next level.

Workshop Leaders: Joel Larson and Bryan Paur, AgStar Credit Team

Registration Details:

  • Cost: $50 Clients (per operation) 
             $100 Non-Clients (per operation)
  • Sessions will run from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. with a box lunch provided. 


Please check back for future workshops.

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