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Five Components to Increase Cash Flow on Your Farm (Video)
By: Matthew Lange, Business Consultant
TAGS: Dairy, Grain, Dairy, Swine, Women In Agriculture, Young, Beginning Farmers, Risk Management Planning
January 17, 2017 - In farming it's key to have enough cash on hand to take advantage of opportunities that come your way. But in times of tight margins, when producers are fighting for every penny, is it possible to squeeze out any more cash? AgStar's Matt Lange offers five practical tips for positioning your operation and building cash. Continue reading >>
Changing the Way You Approach Grain Marketing to Reduce Risk (Article)
By: Kurt Lensing, AgStar Assistant Vice President and Industry Specialist
TAGS: Grain, Dairy, Swine, Young, Beginning Farmers
January 12, 2017 - We all know markets are unpredictable. But the way you approach your grain marketing strategy doesn't have to be. AgStar's Kurt Lensing provides actionable steps on options developing your plan and shares strategies top producers embrace to position their operations. Continue reading >>
Home Mortgage
9 Ways to Prevent Future Hassles When Buying Bare Land: Home Mortgage Blog (Article)
By: AgStar Financial Services, Trusted Industry Expertise
TAGS: Home Mortgage
January 04, 2017 - If you are looking to purchase land to build your dream home on, it is important to take the right steps to prevent big hassles in the future. Learn how to make sure the property is right for you. Continue reading >>
Home Mortgage
4 Money Saving Steps For When You Decide to Build a Home (Article)
By: Jenna Evan, Home Mortgage Specialist
TAGS: Home Mortgage
January 04, 2017 - The biggest part of a build project is ensuring your Sworn Construction Statement is as accurate as possible. This document will ensure you stay within budget and complete the project on time. Continue reading >>
Top Tips for Maximizing the Value of Capital Investments (Article)
By: Matthew Lange, Business Consultant
TAGS: Grain, Dairy, Swine, Risk Management Planning, Women In Agriculture, Young, Beginning Farmers
December 21, 2016 - For any producer, capital investments involve many thoughts, ideas and concerns. AgStar's Matt Lange shares tips on how to maximize the true value of a capital investment on your farm through due diligence and analysis. Continue reading >>
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