Timber Margin Manager

Margin Management for Your Forestry Operation

Should you buy more forestry equipment? Should you expand to harvest more stumpage?

Forestry operations are unique and we want to make sure you are successful. The Timber Margin Manager can help you understand what each financial decision means for your forestry operation.

The Timber Margin Manager tool enables you to:

  • Model your current forestry operation
  • Create a financial history for up to three years
  • Make projections and model "what-if" scenarios
  • Guide your forestry operation decisions for future years

AgStar can help discuss your plans, evaluate options and help you with forestry financing as you plan for growth. Financial services we offer include operating loans, leases, and a variety of equipment loans to meet your needs.

Download AgStar's Timber Margin Manager
AgStar Timber Margin Manager

If needed, contact your Financial Services Officer who can provide additional advice. 


Download the Timber Margin Manager

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Timber Margin Manager VideosLearn how to use the Timber Margin Manager. More sections will be highlighted in future tutorials.