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AgStar Edge Tools and Resources

Calculators & Resources

Grain Margin Manager
The AgStar Grain Margin Manager tool calculates the costs of operation and helps determine how those costs impact your per bushel price objectives.

Timber Margin Manager
The AgStar Timber Margin Manager tool helps you create a financial history and make projections for your forestry operation.

Loan Amortization Calculator
Calculates payment amount, loan amount or loan term in years based on either monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payment structures.  You can even view an amortization schedule.

Loan Comparison Calculator
Calculates your estimated change in the first year interest, payment and total payment amount.  Use this convenient resource when considering a refinance or a conversion to one of our product options.

Crop Revenue Calculator - Corn
This tool is a simple-to-use calculator that will help you estimate your fall revenue guarantee.

Crop Revenue Calculator - Soybeans
This tool is a simple-to-use calculator that will help you estimate your fall revenue guarantee.

Balance Sheet (Excel version)
The balance sheet template is a simple form to input your financial numbers for a summary of assets and liabilities. Completed balance sheets can be uploaded to AgStar.

Land Sales Summary Report
The Land Sales Summary tool provides general information on selected land sales in Minnesota and Wisconsin. 

Grain Market Worksheet (Excel version)
Use this Excel-based worksheet to keep track of your grain sales and determine the overall value of your crops. Easily track your sales and calculate your costs to carry. Just enter your data and we'll do the calculating. 

Industry Reports

Dairy Industry Outlook - May 2015
The current edition of the Dairy Industry Outlook takes a look at the 2014 annual benchmarking review utilizing our Dairy Profit Manager program, along with the spring outlook for the dairy industry and technology tools that can help you in your dairy operation, providing our perspective on what we feel are important things to consider in the coming months

Grain Industry Outlook - February 2015
What strategies can you put in to place with today's compressed margins to help position yourself? Do you have enough working capital? Find the answers to these questions and more in this Grain Industry Outlook. The report takes a look at the changing grain industry, analyzing the financial structure of your operation and tools to help building working capital.


Industry Specific Webinar Archive

Home Construction Webinar - March 2017
Many people looking to build or remodel a home, wonder what steps they should take to ensure they can get into the home they’ve always dreamed of. During this online session, AgStar Home Mortgage Specialist, Jenna Evan and Senior Home Mortgage Specialist, Chad Young will provide expert guidance on building and financing your new home.

The Who, What, Why and How of Contract Growing Webinar - February 2017
If you want to understand the current market place and impacts on your operation, watch our AgStar Experts Webinar where AgStar’s Swine Industry Expert, Daryl Timmerman, and Associate Financial Services Officer, Dusty Compart, will share the steps of how to become a contract grower.

Homebuying Basics: A Guide to Financial Preparation Webinar - September 2016
Purchasing a home may be a goal of yours, but what steps should be taken to ensure your needs and expectations are met in the home buying process? During this online session, you’ll learn steps to take so your personal financial picture matches up with the home of your dreams.

Swine Global Protein Update Webinar - September 2016
We live in a global world-- and it’s important more than ever to understand how world markets affect your balance sheets. During this online session, you’ll learn how to identify risks and opportunities related to exports in the livestock industry and you’ll acquire a global perspective as it relates to the agriculture industry, with the main focus being hogs.

Positioning Your Dairy for Success Webinar - June 2016
Join us for our webinar featuring Rice Dairy’s, Dairy Risk Manager, Ryan Yonkman and AgStar Dairy Consultant, Steve Bodart. They’ll draw on personal experience and expertise to bring you actionable steps to position your operation for long-term success.

AgStar Experts Live Webinar Series: “Managing Through a Challenging Economy” - November & December 2015
Please join us for four engaging discussions, involving our highly experienced team and producers like you. Designed and facilitated by the best of the best, this webinar series includes Positioning for Operational Success during a Down Cycle, Grain Marketing: A Game Plan for Identifying Risks and Opportunities, Grain Benchmarking During Volatile Times and Communication, Decisions and Financial Management.

Leveraging Your Workforce for Productivity, Performance and Growth - October 2015
Finding and keeping quality labor is one of the greatest challenges faced by dairy producers today. How do you recruit quality employees? Once you have them, how do you make sure they’re happy and satisfied enough to stay and grow with your operation? Preventing even one employee from leaving is money in your pocket.

Global Protein Update - July 2015
Get a global protein update from Brett Stuart, Global AgriTrends co-founder, and AgStar's Kent Bang. How do global protein markets affect your operation? Learn how global factors affect todays trade, get an overview of US trade, forecasts and what to watch, and gain insights into current and upcoming trends in protein production.

HomeBuilder 101 Webinar - April 2015
Understand the key steps you need to take when building your dream home or remodeling. This on-demand webinar will guide you in choosing the right professionals to work with, along with an overview of the financing process and what is involved in a construction project.

Productive Applications for Dairy Management - January 2015
What are the right Farm Bill decisions for you and your farming operation? Dino Giacomazzi walks us through some simple yet high-impact applications for your mobile device that could make a world of difference in managing your dairy. Learn how to back up information and manage employees and information remotely.

Farm Bill Overview - January 2015
With technology changes taking place at a daily rate, have you wondered how to determine what makes sense for your operation? Learn more from Nick Paulson from the University of Illinois on available decision tools, opportunities to update yields and reallocation of base acres and how the programs may work for your operation.

Swine Export Update - October 2014
Between prices, pig numbers, production and PEDV, the past year has been erratic for the swine industry. Are there more changes to come in the next year? Learn more from Brett Stuart, Global AgriTrends co-founder, and AgStar's Kent Bang.


USDA Reports

USDA Reports
Current grain and livestock information.


Video Library
Looking for further insights on a variety of industries and topics? Check out our extensive video library.

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