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How Does Your Operation Compare? (Article)
By: Nathan Kromann, Senior Credit Officer
TAGS: Grain, Risk Management Planning
June 12, 2017 - Do you understand how your grain operation compares to your competition? Benchmarking can help you identify gaps and areas for improvement to position your operation for long-term success. AgStar’s Nathan Kromann offers examples, guidance and tips for getting started. Continue reading >>
Positioning Your Operation: A Framework for the Future (Article)
By: Cathy Olson, Senior Business Counseling Specialist
TAGS: Grain, Risk Management Planning
June 02, 2017 - With projections stating that compressed margins in the grain market will likely only improve marginally over the next few years, it’s more important than ever to take stock. In her latest agriculture blog, AgStar’s Cathy Olson provides a framework and tips to consider for positioning your operation for long term success. Continue reading >>
World Crop Cycles and Seasonality of Markets (Article)
By: AgStar Financial Services, Trusted Industry Expertise
TAGS: Grain, Risk Management Planning
June 02, 2017 - A written Marketing Plan can help grain farmers sell your crop when the markets rally. Understanding world crop cycles and seasonality of market prices is important in developing your grain marketing/sales plans. Check out this article for guidance and ideas. Continue reading >>
Repair or Replace? Aligning Equipment Costs with Your Business Strategy (Article)
By: Eric Madsen, Senior Financial Services Executive
TAGS: Grain, Risk Management Planning, Young, Beginning Farmers, Women In Agriculture
May 11, 2017 - When it comes to equipment and machinery, how do you know when to repair and when to replace. AgStar's Eric Madsen provides some tips on making the right choice at the right time for your operational situation. Continue reading >>
Tips and Tactics to Help Producers Navigate the Grain Markets (Article)
By: Kurt Lensing, AgStar Assistant Vice President and Industry Specialist
TAGS: Grain, Risk Management Planning, Young, Beginning Farmers
April 10, 2017 - No one can say exactly what grain markets are going to do. However, even in times of compressed margins, there are usually periods when prices rally. In his blog, AgStar’s Kurt Lensing outlines some tips to consider to help mitigate risk and reduce emotional decision making. Continue reading >>
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