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Why and How to Leverage Farm Management Tools (Article)
By: Ahnna Compart, Sr. Financial Analyst
TAGS: Grain, Risk Management Planning, Young, Beginning Farmers, Dairy, Swine
March 27, 2017 - Typically year-end is the time to think about putting a balance sheet together, preparing an income statement and projected cash flow for the coming year. But, what if we looked at our financial reporting as a fluid tool to help guide decision making and adjust course when confronted with something unexpected? AgStar's Ahnna Compart shares why this method can bring fewer surprises come year-end and empower producers to level-set goals, inputs and relationships at any time and steer operational success sooner, rather than later. Continue reading >>
Tips for Determining the ROI of Raising Heifers (Video)
By: Matthew Lange, Business Consultant
TAGS: Dairy
March 23, 2017 - When it comes to raising heifers, there are different ways to determine your ROI. AgStar’s Matt Lange provides tips on how to evaluate growing heifers from a value and margin proposition, rather than just a pure cost per head per day. Continue reading >>
Young, Beginning Farmers
Focus Areas of Minnesota and Wisconsin Young Beginning Farmers (e-book)
By: AgStar Financial Services, Trusted Industry Expertise
TAGS: Young, Beginning Farmers, Grain, Dairy, Swine
March 20, 2017 - There’s a lot of talk in the media around millennials being the “entitled” generation. From our experience at AgStar with our young and beginning clients, nothing could be further from the truth. Continue reading >>
How Much Risk Can You Tolerate When Growing Your Business? (Video)
By: Dr. David Kohl, Agriculture Economist
TAGS: Grain, Risk Management Planning, Swine, Women In Agriculture, Dairy
March 07, 2017 - Every business involves risk. It's a key component to evaluate when planning. From establishing core values to debt structure, to working capital and systems, Dr. David Kohl discusses specific focus areas to assess when growing your business. Continue reading >>
What Does Your Marketing/Management Plan Look Like? (Video)
By: Dr. David Kohl, Agriculture Economist
TAGS: Grain, Dairy, Swine, Young, Beginning Farmers, Women In Agriculture, Risk Management Planning
February 23, 2017 - Marketing and risk management have never been more important. Do you know how many of your fellow agricultural producers have a marketing plan? Producers and lenders will need to work together to best position grain producers for success. Continue reading >>
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