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Women In Agriculture
Be Proactive When Sharing Your Farm Story: Agriculture Blog (Video)
By: Michele Payn-Knoper, Ag Speaker, Author and Advocate
TAGS: Women In Agriculture
October 30, 2014 - Do you consider yourself proactive or reactive when it comes to investing in your agriculture future and telling your farm story? In this women in agriculture Blog, Michele Payn-Knoper discusses the importance of making time in your busy schedule to use one of the many methods to share your farm story to others in the community. Continue reading >>
With Crop Returns Down, Keep Expenses in Check: Agriculture Blog
By: Kurt Lensing, AgStar Grain Industry Specialist
TAGS: Grain
October 29, 2014 - Crop returns for 2015 will be challenged to show a positive cash flow. With commodity prices previously at historically high levels, expenses over the past years have increased. AgStar’s Kurt Lensing explains ways to keep a crucial balance for a successful operation. Continue reading >>
Is the Pork Industry Amidst a Fall Slump? Agriculture Blog (Video)
By: Mark Greenwood, Swine Specialist
TAGS: Swine
October 28, 2014 - With the recent drop in pork cutout value and cash prices, is the pork industry having another fall slump? In this week’s Hog Blog, AgStar’s Mark Greenwood discusses the declines in prices, what to expect for the next twelve months and mentions AgStar’s upcoming webinar with Brett Stuart from Global AgriTrends and how you can register today. Continue reading >>
Sharing a Success Story: Agriculture Blog (Video)
By: Dr. David Kohl, Agriculture Economist
TAGS: Grain, Dairy, Swine, Young, Beginning Farmers
October 23, 2014 - Have you ever wondered how you can make your operation successful? Sometimes all you need to do is look at another’s successes and mimic what they are doing correctly. In this video, Dr. Kohl shares with you a success story of a couple and what they did to becoming so successful. Continue reading >>
Women In Agriculture
Adding New Features to Your Operation: Agriculture Blog (Video)
By: Sara Larson, Marketing & Product Development Specialist
TAGS: Women In Agriculture
October 22, 2014 - If you have ever wondered what steps to take to add a new product or service to your operation watch this week’s Women in Agriculture blog. AgStar’s Sara Larson discusses the thought process you have to go through when considering making a new addition and offers her advice on how to best get started. Continue reading >>
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