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Is the U.S. Prepared for a FAD Outbreak? (Article)
By: Steve Malakowsky, Swine Specialist
TAGS: Swine, Risk Management Planning
April 20, 2017 - If the U.S had to confront a FAD outbreak, what would the repercussions be? AgStar's Steve Malakowsky discusses potential loses in production and exports. Continue reading >>
Contract Growing: The Grower and Integrator Relationship (Article)
By: Dusty Compart , Associate Financial Services Specialist
TAGS: Swine, Risk Management Planning, Young, Beginning Farmers
April 12, 2017 - The integrator has more of an impact on your operation than just financially. Selecting the right one can put you in a positive for the future. Continue reading >>
Tips and Tactics to Help Producers Navigate the Grain Markets (Article)
By: Kurt Lensing, AgStar Assistant Vice President and Industry Specialist
TAGS: Grain, Risk Management Planning, Young, Beginning Farmers
April 10, 2017 - No one can say exactly what grain markets are going to do. However, even in times of compressed margins, there are usually periods when prices rally. In his blog, AgStar’s Kurt Lensing outlines some tips to consider to help mitigate risk and reduce emotional decision making. Continue reading >>
Young, Beginning Farmers
Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Starting or Growing Your Operation (Video)
By: Dr. David Kohl, Agriculture Economist
TAGS: Young, Beginning Farmers, Risk Management Planning, Dairy, Grain, Swine, Women In Agriculture
April 03, 2017 - Are you a young farmer just starting out? In his latest agriculture blog, Dr. David Kohl shares the ten best management practices for young producers. From tips on family living expenses to investing in productive assets, to peer group consultations and more putting these ten tactics in place can help young and beginning farmers stay competitive. Continue reading >>
Brazil Investigation Rocks Global Protein Markets (Video)
By: Brett Stuart, Global AgriTrends
TAGS: Swine
April 03, 2017 - An investigation reported Brazilian meat plant employees bribed public health inspectors to allow the sale of spoiled meat. How have the global protein markets reacted? Continue reading >>
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