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Life Beyond High School: Tips for Farm Students (Video)
By: Dr. David Kohl, Agriculture Economist
TAGS: Grain, Dairy, Swine, Women In Agriculture, Young, Beginning Farmers
August 31, 2016 - Between harvest and back to school, fall is an incredibly busy time on the farm. Dr. David Kohl shares some advice for students entering life after high school. Continue reading >>
Women In Agriculture
Detailed Retirement Plan a Gift for Farm Family Members (Article)
By: Elaine Froese, Farmer/Writer
TAGS: Women In Agriculture, Young, Beginning Farmers
August 29, 2016 - Many farm families - and farm women - fail to plan for retirement. Elaine Froese has an easy tool for getting your affairs in order. Continue reading >>
Women In Agriculture
Top 5 Considerations When Purchasing Farmland: Agriculture Blog (Video)
By: Rachel Daberkow, Certified Appraiser
TAGS: Women In Agriculture, Grain, Swine, Dairy
August 26, 2016 - From property zoning to water quality, there is a lot to consider when buying farmland. Rachel Daberkow shares the top five things to look at before you make a land purchase. Continue reading >>
Managing Through Volatile Times: Top Five Tips, Especially for Beginning Farmers (Article)
By: Brooke Grant, Sr. Business Analyst
TAGS: Dairy, Young, Beginning Farmers, Women In Agriculture
August 16, 2016 - As a dairy farmer, it's impossible to avoid all risks. Most -- like weather or the markets -- are out of your control. But there are ways to minimize challenges and mitigate certain risks. In her latest agriculture blog, AgStar's Brooke Grant, shares the top five tips to help beginning famers manage through volatile times. Continue reading >>
Women In Agriculture
5 Ways to Tell Your Farming Story (Article)
By: Wanda Patsche, Farmer/Blogger
TAGS: Women In Agriculture, Dairy, Grain, Swine
August 03, 2016 - As farmers, we are told to “tell our story.” But how? Opportunities for telling your farming story present themselves every day. Identify them with Wanda Patsche's tips. Continue reading >>
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