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Emerging Agribusiness Lending Program

AgStar's Emerging Agribusiness Lending Program, formerly known as the Minority Lending Program, provides flexible financing options for emerging agricultural producers. If you are considering a career as a farmer or agricultural producer in Minnesota and Wisconsin, this program can help you access credit and other financial services. To qualify, you should have:

  • A track record of success and preparedness
  • Agricultural knowledge and experience
  • The ability to plan and prepare for unexpected events
  • An interest in agricultural improvements and change

Create a Business Plan
As an applicant for our emerging agribusiness program, you should have clear ideas for your agricultural business and its daily operations. The best way to communicate your ideas and describe your knowledge and experience in agriculture is by creating a business plan.

Loan Application Process
Once you have clearly documented your business plan, we will help you begin the application process.

  • Proof of citizenship and/or legal residency
    Our Farm Credit Administration regulations will require validation of U.S. citizenship or legal residence.
  • Loan application
  • Tax returns, financial records, budgets, credit scores
    These documents provide a complete picture of your financial health and your likely ability to repay the loan. An AgStar Financial Services Officer will explain specifically what is needed depending on the loan amount you are requesting.

Next Steps
AgStar takes a holistic approach to loan underwriting decisions, which means we base approval on the quality of your application and business plan, as well as your experience, work ethic and drive to succeed. After you submit your business plan, loan application and other supporting documents, an AgStar Financial Services Officer will:

  • Schedule a personal interview
    We want to get to know you and hear more about your business goals. An AgStar Financial Services Officer (FSO) will schedule a personal interview. We want to know that you are prepared to take on your proposed business venture. Knowledge and experience also plays a big role in helping you qualify for a loan, so we’ll also ask about your experiences farming your own land or someone else’s.
  • Check your references
    Another way we get to know you is by talking with your coworkers and other professional references who can speak to your experience and work ethic.

Find out more about the Emerging Agribusiness Lending Program or get help with a loan application by contacting Sai Thao.

University of Minnesota - Guide to developing a business plan for farms and rural businesses.

Minnesota Department of Agriculture - Offers a compilation of farm properties that are for sale, rent and/or are interested in giving opportunities to a beginning farmer.

Balance Sheet

PL Statement and Personal Budget Template


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