The following are the 2010 recipients of the AgStar Fund Agriculture Classroom Equipment Grant Program.  To learn more about the program, click here.


Intended Use  

County Location

Region 1:

Sauk Centre High School Ag Ed Department Sensor Utility 1/4 HP Sump Pump, Hydrofarm Compact Fluorescent Plant Grow Light System 125 Watt. Stearns, MN
Minnesota Independent School District #318 (Grand Rapids High School) (2) Solo 651 Chainsaw with 20 inch bar, (10) Elvex 420 Denier Chainsaw Chaps, (10) CU60 Hardhat Safety Helmets

Itasca, MN

Royalton High School  -  Independent School District 485 Welding equipment - torch tips (12), replace 1 arc welder, add 1 wire feed welder.  Small Engine tools, Electrical meters (2), Field trips, Animal science aids, Plant Science aids. Morrison-Benton, MN

Region 2:

Forest Lake High School Agriculture Education Kool House cold frame greenhouse. Washington, MN
Glenwood City FFA Items for the FFA Educational Barnyard - gates, educational supplies, and possibly tents so we can move the barnyard to an outdoor area. St. Croix, MN
Spring Valley High School Agriculture Dept 10 auto-darkening helmets, two new AC/DC stick welders, two 14.4 volt portable drills, EZ Clone Machine, a greenhouse bench, and a propagation mat with thermostat. Pierce, WI

Region 3:
Sibley East School 600 feet of garden hose, assorted garden hose fittings, sprinklers, mini tiller for weeding, garden tractor, garden wagon, assorted garden tools (such as spades, forks, hoes, etc.). Sibley, MN
Central High School Agricultural Education Department 4 sets of oxy-acetylene hoses, torches, tips, goggles for the 4 gas welding booths, 4 auto-darkening welding helmets, Milwaukee 4.5 inch 12 amp angle grinder, Delta 14 inch 1 horsepower. Carver, MN

Region 4:
Jackson County Central Agriculture Department Sharp, Color, Laserjet Printer.  Jackson, MN
United South Central High School Metal cutting bandsaw, plasma cutter, floor jack, 4 1/2 inch angle grinders (2). Faribault, MN
Southwest Star Concept High School 6 Briggs and Stratton Overhead valve small engines and three Lincoln arc welders. Jackson, MN
Russell-Tyler-Ruthton School District Hydraulic iron worker. Pipestone, MN
Mountain Lake Agricultural Education Department 10 hand held GPS units. Cottonwood, MN

Region 5
NRHEG High School Mini fish farm. Waseca, MN
Glenville-Emmons Schools An incubator to be used in the Animal Science and Food Science Courses.  6 new compound light microscopes to be able to use along side the incubators. Freeborn, MN
Kingsland High School Ironworker for shop classes. Fillmore, MN
Plainview-Elgin-Millville Agricultural Education Program Smart Response Interactive system - Senteo, 32 clickers and the receivers that go with them. Wabasha, MN