Agriculture Education & Classroom Equipment Grant Program

The AgStar Fund for Rural America, the corporate giving program of AgStar Financial Services, offers the Agriculture Education & Classroom Equipment grant program during the month of April. The mission of the grant program is to support ag education in AgStar’s service area by funding youth education programs and equipment for high school agriculture classrooms.

High school ag education departments are struggling with limited budgets, many lacking adequate and up-to-date equipment.  Even though many of these departments have the essentials, schools can't always afford to teach new technologies or to upgrade or replace old equipment. This grant program is designed to help alleviate some of those financial constraints for ag programs in high schools.

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How to Apply

  • Location – High school agriculture programs located in our Local Service Area are eligible to apply if they have not received a grant from AgStar in the past 2 years. Primary emphasis will be rural high schools.
  • Application - Apply online during the month of April.
  • Funding – Funding is available for any agriculture classroom youth education program or equipment. A total of $50,000 is available and the maximum grant amount is $3,000 per school. Up to $1,300 may be requested for ag teacher registration for a CASE Institute course. Proof of registration will be required.

To find out more about the AgStar Fund for Rural America, contact Melanie Olson. Email or call 952-997-1255.