The following are the 2008 recipients of the AgStar Fund Emergency Response Grant Program.  To learn more about the program, click here.


Intended Use  

Cumberland Fire District Heavy duty piercing nozzle  and 2 new 1&1/2 inch adjustable nozzles 
Cameron Area Fire District Replace three Fireman's Fire Fighting gear.  Consisting of helmet, coat, pants, boots and gloves.
Barron Maple Grove Fire Department Set up a truck for rural grass fires; purchase large metal cabinet, with roll up doors, to be mounted on the side of tanker with a pump inside, a hose reel and 1 inch fire hose. 
Rush City Fire Department New extrication device consisting  of a RAM, Cutter, Spreader, and Power Unit   
Sheldon Fire Protection District Purchase a quantity of (12) 50 foot sections of Double Jacket 800 psi Fire Hoses. 
Colfax Rescue Squad Replace ambulance two way radio. 
Fall Creek Area Fire District 1- Siamese valve; 1- Gated-y valve; 2- Hose fittings; 2- Stortz fittings; 2- Elbow fittings; 1- Set spanner wrenches; 2- Nozzles; 2- Blood pressure/pulse wrist monitors  
Augusta-Bridge Creek Fire Department Four 1 ½ inch, and two 2 ½ inch fire Task Force Tips (TFT) nozzles
Pemberton Fire & Rescue Two Motorola Minitor IV pagers and two Motorola HT1250 hand held radio's.  
Amboy Fire & Rescue Purchase four waterproof hand held radios.  
Comfrey Fire & Rescue Slid-In Unit for Wildland/Grassland firefighting and as a Quick Attack pumper unit
Le Sueur Volunteer Fire Department Hydraulic rescue tool package, including a portable pump, hoses and a storage rack in main rescue vehicle.  
St. James Fire Department Eleven new helmets 
Windom Fire Department 2 sets of SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Appuratus). 
Elmore Fire Department Portable generator to be used at emergency scenes and 2 Sawz-All's 
Wells Fire Department Purchase 5 new Minitor 5 stored voice pagers
Trimont Fire & Ambulance Dept. Four Motorola CP400 portable radios.  
Lake City Fire Department High-Combat Hose (1 3/4 inch diameter),   2 new gated Y's (2 1/2 inch to 1 3/4 inch) and  a light bar.
Wabasha Volunteer Fire Department Six Motorola Minitor Pagers
Plainview Volunteer Fire Dept. New pagers
Waldorf Fire Dept.  3500 Gallon Aluminum Fold-a-Tank and Connecter, 
(2) Bar Clamps