2011 Emergency Response Equipment Grants

The following are the 2011 recipients of the AgStar Fund Emergency Response Grant Program.  To learn more about the program, click here. 

Organization Intended Use Area
Bigelow Fire Department To update pagers to the new Mark V versions. Bigelow, MN
Goodhue Fire & Rescue Replace wornout turnout gear for 2 firemen. Goodhue, MN
Chatfield Fire Department Pagers that would be compliant with the new narrow banding. Chatfield, MN
Grand Meadow Fire & Rescue Ventilation fan Grand Meadow, MN
Hollandale Fire Dept. To purchase 2 Motorola Minitor V Pagers. To install a head phone set on our pumper truck. Austin, MN
Town of Jackson Volunteer Fire Department To purchase five (5) new narrow-band truck radios. Webster, WI
Clarks Grove Fire Department Air bag lif systems Clarks Grove, MN
Sheldon Fire Protection District To upgrade radio and pager communications equipment to meet all new mandated standards as implemented by federal, state and local government agencies. Sheldon, WI
Ross Lake First Responders 5 radios, 5 pagers, refresher training for 10, and an AED. Aitkin, MN
New Richland Fire Dept. The purchase of a grain rescue tube. New Richland, MN
Ormsby Fire and Rescue To purchase a rescue harness and rope and rigging. Ormsby, MN
Walters Volunteer Fire/First Resp Pagers Walters, MN
Scandia Valley First Response To create a first in bag similar to our ditch bags and a pediatrics first in bag. 5 new Motorola Monitor V pagers. Cushing, MN
Pine EMS Radios Pine City, MN
Upsala First Response One new portable 800 Mghz radio. Upsala, MN
Wykoff Fire Department Narrow bandable radios. Wykoff, MN
Madelia Fire Department New rescue tools for our lead rescue truck. Madelia, MN
McGregor Area First Responders Automated External Defibrillators, Oxygen 02 Bottles and supplies, First Aid supplies. McGregor, MN
Mazeppa Fire Dept. Monitor V pagers Mazeppa, MN
Montrose Fire Department New hose, hose appliances, rescue tools, and hand tools. Montrose, MN
Spring Valley Fire Department 5 raido/pagers. Spring Valley, MN
Good Thunder Fire Dept. ISI SCBA's Good Thunder, MN
Randall Fire Department To upgrade current medical supplies (backboards, splints, misc. bandages, oxygen tanks, and other miscellaneous supplies), and personal protective equipment (safety vests, self-contained breathing masks, and protective outerwear). Randall, MN
Lewisville Volunteer Fire Fighting Co. Grain bin rescue Lewsville, MN
Dallas Sioux Creek Joint Fire Department To purchase one set of turnout gear. Dallas, WI
Embarrass Region Volunteer Fire Department To purchase 2 swets of wildland personal protection equipment. Embarrass, MN
Fall Creek Area Fire District HeartStart FRx Defibrillator and one (1) Cool Draft HP-360 Misting fan and wheel kit. Fall Creek, WI
Hills Fire Department To purchase new Minitor 5 pagers. Hills, MN
Nicollet Rural Fire Department To purchase a new Leader Electric Positive Pressue ventilation fan with misting and foam adapter capabilities. Nicollet, MN
Wilson Volunteer Fire Department To purchase two new drop tanks. Winona, MN
City of Westbrook To purchase two Motorola XTS-2500I hand held radios. Westbrook, MN
Pequot Lakes Fire Department Hydraulic Ram. Pequot Lakes, MN
Nerstrand Volunteer Fire Department Six 800 mhz fire EMS response pagers Nerstrand, MN
Magnolia Volunteer Fire Department To purhase pagers. Magnolia, MN
Kiester Ambulance To purchase five Minitor V pagers. Kiester, MN
Alpha Fire Department Globe Fire Protection Boots. Alpha, MN
Orr Volunteer Fire Department To purchase a gas-powered K-12 rescue saw kit. Orr, MN
Preston Fire Department To purchase a Mulit-Pro 4 Gas Monitor with Sample Draw and Calibration Kits, and four new Motorola Minitor V pagers. Preston, MN
Willow River Fire and EMS 10 Scott 3000 SCBA masks. Willow River, MN
Deer Park Area Fire Departmet To purchase a grain rescue tube. Deer Park, WI
Boyd-Edson-Delmar Fire Department One Firefighter coat and two pair of Firefighter bunker pants. Boyd, WI
Chain of Lakes Fire & Rescue District To purchase an AED Cold Springs, MN