2012 Emergency Response Equipment Grants

The following are the 2012 recipients of the AgStar Fund Emergency Response Grant Program. To learn more about the program, click here.

Organization Intended Use Area
Adrian Volunteer Fire Department Nozzles, Ventilation Fan Adrian, MN
Annandale Fire Department Pagers Annandale, MN
Askov Fire and Rescue PPE:  Gloves, Helmets, Scba Masks, Boots Askov, MN
Baldwin Area EMS Pagers Baldwin, WI
Balsam Volunteer Fire Department Reflective Vests Bovey, MN
Barnum Volunteer Fire Department Sections of Rubber Hose, Nomex Fire Fighting Bunker  Pants Barnum, MN
Bear Lake Haugen Fire Department Grain Bin Rescue Equipment And Training Rice Lake, WI
Bloomer Area First Responders Automated Defibrillator Bloomer, WI
Boyceville Community Fire District Res-Q-Jack Steel X-Strut Stabilization Stands Boyceville, WI
Braham Fire Department Carbon Fiber Scba Bottles Braham, MN
Bricelyn Fire & Ambulance Hose Bricelyn, MN
Brownsville Fire and Rescue AED Brownsville, MN
Butterfield Fire and Rescue PPE and Hand Tools Butterfield, MN
Cannon Falls Fire Department Rubber Hose Cannon Falls, MN
Canton Fire Department Pagers Canton, MN
Chatfield Ambulance Service Pagers  Chatfield, MN
Chester Fire & Rescue Turnout Gear Chester, IA
City of Dundee Pagers Dundee , MN
City of Le Sueur Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Portable Radio Le Sueur, MN
Claremont Fire Department Remote Area Lighting System, Fire Hose Claremont, MN
Comfrey Fire & Rescue Fire Hose, Heat Gun, Halogen Tool, Lite Box, Tools Comfrey, MN
County Line First Responders Ansi Class 3 Certified Jackets Osceola, WI
Darfur Fire Department Wildland Turnout Gear Butterfield, MN
Delavan Fire Department Nozzle, Hose, Flashlight Delavan, MN
Dodge Center Fire Department Water/Ice Rescue Suits, Ice Awls, Rope Bags,  Life Jackets, Pike Pole/Drywall Hooks Dodge Center, MN
Durand Municipal Ambulance Service Reprogram Radios Durand, WI
Edgerton Volunteer Fire Department Two-Man Confined Space High Angle Set Rescue Equipment Edgerton, MN
Eitzen Fire and Rescue Turnout Gear Caledonia, MN
Ellsworth Fire Services Association Heavy Rescue Harnesses, Rescue Ropes, Steel Caribiners And Pulleys Ellsworth, WI
Elmwood Area Ambulance Service Radios Elmwood, WI
Emmons Volunteer Fire Department and 1st Responders Pagers Emmons, MN
Eyota Volunteer Ambulance Service Pager and Chargers,  EMS Bag Eyota, MN
Finland Fire and Rescue Fire Boots Finland, MN
Frost Area Ambulance Pagers Frost, MN
Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department Rescue Sled Grand Marais, MN
Hamburg Fire Department Silo and Grain Bin Rescue Equipment Hamburg, MN
Harmony Volunteer Fire Department Rope Rescue Equipment, Basket Harness, Rope, Caribeeners, Anchor Straps, Prusiks, Pulleys, Tube Web Harmony, MN
Hayward Fire Department Hose and Nozzles,  Back Pack, Helmet Flashlights Albert Lea, MN
Hokah Firefighters Association Air Bag Lift Systems   Hokah, MN
Holland Fire Department Boots Holland, MN
Ironton Fire Department Hose, Nozzle, Hard Suction, Float, and New Fittings Ironton, MN
Isle Fire & Rescue Safety Vests, Flashlights Isle, MN
Kasson Fire Department Wildland Firefighting Gear Kasson, MN
Kerrick Fire and Rescue Mobile Truck Radio Kerrick, MN
Kiester Volunteer Fire Department Ropes, Harnesses, Tripod, Hardware Kiester, MN
Kilkenny Fire & Rescue Turnout Gear  Kilkenny, MN
La Crescent Fire & Rescue Department Structural Fire Fighting Boots La Crescent, MN
Lafayette Fire Department Boots Lafayette, MN
Lake City Fire Department Turnout Gear Lake City, MN
Lake County Ambulance Service Pagers Two Harbors, MN
Lake Crystal Fire Department Portable Radio Lake Crystal, MN
Lakefield Fire Department Grain Rescue Tubes Lakefield, MN
Lanesboro Area Ambulance Radio Lanesboro, MN
Lanesboro Fire Department Repeater Lanesboro, MN
Lester Prairie Fire Department Grain Tube Rescue Unit Lester Prairie, MN
Lewiston Fire Department Folding Water Tanks Lewiston, MN
Lewisville Ambulance Service Stair Chair Lewisville, MN
Luck Rural Fire Department Personal Protection Gear (Coats And Pants). Luck, WI
Luverne Fire Department Pagers Luverne, MN
Maple Lake Fire Department/Ambulance AED Maple Lake, MN
Mayer Fire Department, City of Mayer Harnesses, Rope, Pulleys, Carabiners, Basic Rescue Systems Mayer, MN
Mille Lacs Health System Ambulance Mobile Radios Mille Lacs, MN
Moose Lake Area Fire Department Pagers Moose Lake, MN
Northfield Rescue Squad AED'S, Lucas CPR Compession Deivice Northfield, MN
Ostrander Fire Department Radios Ostrander, MN
Pierz Area First Response Equipment, Pulse Oximeters, Oxygen Tank Refills Pierz, MN
Plum City Fire Department Grain Rescue Tube and Gas Detector Plum City, WI
Prescott Area Fire and Ambulance Turnout Gear Prescott, WI
Rock Creek Township Fire Department Gas Test Gauge and Calibration Equipment  Rock Falls, WI
Silver Lake Fire Department Turnout Gear and Fire Boots  Silver Lake, MN
South Bend Township Volunteer Fire Department Portable Radio Mankato, MN
South Haven Fire and Rescue Extrication Equipment and Cribbing South Haven, MN
South Shore Area Ambulance New Programmed Radios/Chargers/Batteries Herbster, WI
Spring Valley Area Ambulance Service Radios Spring Valley, MN
Spring Valley Fire Servcies Association Foam Inductor/Mixer   Spring Valley, WI
St. Augusta Fire Department Radio St. Augusta, MN
St. Charles Ambulance Defribrillator St. Charles, MN
St. Clair Fire Department Pagers St. Clair, MN
St. James Fire Department Turnout Gear Boots St. James, MN
Stanley Fire Department Multi Gas Detector Stanley, WI
Sullivan Lake First Response Radios Pierz, MN
Tilden Volunteer Fire Department Scba Masks, Narrow Band Pagers Chippewa Falls, WI
Town of Superior Volunteer Fire Department Positive Pressure Ventilation Fan, Single Gas (Co) Monitor  Superior, WI
Trimont Ambulance Nonin Pulse Oximeter And Case, Splints, Duffell Bag, Ready Heat Blanket, Wool Blankets, Back Board Trimont, MN
Truman Fire Department Ventilation Saw Truman, MN
Wabasha Fire Department Hose Wabasha, MN
Watertown Fire Department Hose Watertown, MN
Watkins Fire Department Structural Turnout Gear Watkins, MN
Wells Fire Department Turnout Gear Wells, MN
West Concord Fire & Ambulance Department AED West Concord, MN
Wilmont Volunteer Fire Department Personal Safety Vests, First On Scene Emergency Kits Wilmont, MN
Windom Fire Department Turnout Gear Windom, MN
Wyoming Fire Department CPR Instructional Equipment and Matching Medical Kits  Wyoming, MN
Zumbrota Volunteer Fire Department Air Pacs with Cylinders, Rit Pak, and Air Masks With Bags Zumbrota, MN