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When you are ready to buy a home, it is time to talk to AgStar. Whether you are looking to finance your first home, or trade up to the home of your dreams, let AgStar guide you in the process.

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You have your own ideas of what type of home you want to buy, and AgStar home financing specialists are here to listen and translate your desires into the best options. AgStar offers a number of different loan packages, each with their own unique benefits.

Buy a Home

Whether your dream home is in a small rural town or you found a property that other companies would find difficult to finance, we can help. We have the processes in place to appraise properties that are unlike anything else in the area, and can also offer exceptional solutions for home improvement financing.

Maybe you are looking to claim that hunting cabin in the woods or perhaps you found a bare lot and have visions to build on it later. Not a problem with AgStar. Are we different that the rest? Yes! Can we find what you need to buy a home? You bet!

Conventional Loans
Competitive home financing rates and terms for homes and small farms in or just outside of town.

Hobby Farms
We specialize in rural home financing. With our special rural mortgage solutions, financing a home with existing outbuildings or other assets is possible. You can add or build on it in the future, or simply hold it as income-producing acreage.

Find and buy a lot of land and take up to 10 years to build with our unique home financing tailored to your specific situation.

Unique Homes
Log home financing, dome houses, double-wide manufactured homes and other unique homes are a challenge. We offer many types of unique home financing options for these special homes that have a lack of comparable properties or an unusual structure. We can set a value for the property and underwrite the loan, because we manage every aspect in-house.

You can find the best values when you buy a fixer-upper, and AgStar home improvement loans are based on after-improvement values. This gives us the possibility to give you the highest amount possible for the remodeling, even as we keep the interest rates down.

Recreational Property
Flexible terms are possible on property intended only for recreational purposes. A couple examples that are covered under our recreational property financing programs are hunting land or timber management of an existing forested area.

At AgStar we offer home financing for you to own more than just a house. We help you buy a home. Please contact us with your questions or to get started. 

We can always count on AgStar home mortgage - Gene in Glencoe, MN

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Representative Rates
as of 06/23/2017

30 Year Fixed Rate
Rate APR Points
3.875% 4.091% 1
4% 4.175% .5
20 Year Fixed Rate
Rate APR Points
3.625% 3.922% 1
3.75% 3.99% .5
15 Year Fixed Rate
Rate APR Points
3.125% 3.502% 1
3.25% 3.554% .5
The information shown is accurate as of the date of the latest update. Information is subject to change and is updated every business day of AgStar. Your APR will vary based on your final loan amount and finance charges. Certain products may not be available in all areas due to federal, state and/or local restrictions. Interest rates can be locked only through an AgStar Home Mortgage Specialist.