Resources for Mortgage Brokers

Are you a mortgage broker looking for a flexible partner to provide your clients with options? For almost a century, we have been in the business of supporting rural America with unique financial services, ranging from home mortgages to intricate financing solutions for local agri-businesses. Our experience and understanding of rural properties, and the challenges that arise when financing them, makes AgStar an ideal partner for mortgage brokers. The AgStar Alliance HomeĀ Mortgage program is built around providing solutions to clients directly, as well as through a variety of mortgage lenders like you. Our innovative lending program enables us to strengthen your product line-up, drive new business and generate additional revenue.

Why work with AgStar?
Because we handle every step of the process in-house, AgStar offers home mortgages, refinancing options and other financial solutions to clients that traditional institutions are often unable to serve. Properties eligible for the AgStar Alliance Home Mortgage program are:

  • Hobby farms and acreages
  • Unique rural homes (shed, dome, berm, cabins, log homes)
  • Rural manufactured homes
  • Home sites/bare land for future construction of a primary residence
  • Recreational land (40+ acres)

Hobby Farms and Acreages
Mortgage BrokersOne of our strengths is that we can help you meet the needs of your hobby farm borrower. We offer long-term fixed lending opportunities for non-conforming rural properties, such as, outbuildings, barns, pasture land, tillable acreage. The bottom line is that if it looks like a hobby farm, let AgStar take a look at it!

When you partner with AgStar, you will have more options to share with your clients as well as competitive rates, fees and terms. In addition, the process tends to move faster since we handle every step internally. Also, your clients will not have to pay Minnesota mortgage registration tax because we are part of the tax-exempt Farm Credit System.

  • Long-term financing options for niche markets in rural areas -- 30, 20, 15 and 10 year fixed products
  • Opportunity to generate additional fee income and maintain clientele relationships
  • All loans are processed and underwritten by the AgStar team
  • Finance one mortgage for entire acreage and home

If you are a mortgage lender and interested in offering competitive financing options to your clients, please get in touch with us.