Refinance My Mortgage

Why should I refinance my mortgage?
You can pay off your old mortgage loan with AgStar refinancing mortgage programs, and you might be able to get a lower rate or more favorable terms than you currently have. The move may save you money every month, and can be an intelligent way to prepare for a large purchase. Maybe you need to:

  • Buy a vehicle
  • Refinance for home improvements
  • Pay off high-interest debt
  • Send a child to college
  • Or any number of other goals!

With the types of home financing AgStar has available, you can enjoy options and have the funds.

Home Improvement Refinance my mortgage
Home improvements are easier to manage with the right loan product. If you are looking to do things like add a new outbuilding or create the master bedroom suite you always wanted, look to AgStar to refinance your mortgage. With 10-year term availability, rates you can work with and AgStar's home equity loan programs are all part of the refinance package.

Home Equity Loans
When you take out a home equity loan, you take advantage of the money already hidden in your home. Not only can you reap tax advantages, but you can also receive the money you need for upcoming projects or to chase dreams. With terms of up to 10 years available, you can use your home, a piece of property or even the improvements themselves to secure the loan. Competitive rates and fixed monthly payments are just a few of the advantages when you work with AgStar.

Because of AgStar's ability to treat our clients as human beings with unique circumstances, you can be assured you will receive the care and attention you deserve.

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Representative Rates
as of 06/23/2017

30 Year Fixed Rate
Rate APR Points
3.875% 4.091% 1
4% 4.175% .5
20 Year Fixed Rate
Rate APR Points
3.625% 3.922% 1
3.75% 3.99% .5
15 Year Fixed Rate
Rate APR Points
3.125% 3.502% 1
3.25% 3.554% .5
The information shown is accurate as of the date of the latest update. Information is subject to change and is updated every business day of AgStar. Your APR will vary based on your final loan amount and finance charges. Certain products may not be available in all areas due to federal, state and/or local restrictions. Interest rates can be locked only through an AgStar Home Mortgage Specialist.