What Will My Revenue Per Bushel Be?

Added Price Option
Added Price Option (APO) is supplemental insurance coverage for your Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) or Yield insurance and gives you the option of locking in a projected bushel price higher than the MPCI price.

How it works: Choose an added bushel price within a range over your current MPCI price election without selection of a specific price projection month. This policy pays in event of a bushel only loss. APO does not require selection of a specific price projection month. 

Harvest Max
Harvest Max is designed to protect against shallow yield losses while protecting revenue and profits. It complements a federal multi-peril policy by narrowing the gap between MPCI coverage and actual production history.

How it works: Harvest Max utilizes an entire crop unit, using a database that covers your entire farm and allows flexibility by allowing you to purchase on any amount of acres. The pricing period for this product is in December and you can select from 30% to 120% of the December average on corn and 30% to 110% on soybeans. It allows for flexibility in price and acreage amount, which allows you to control the premium amount to fit into the bottom line and cover only acres that need extra coverage.

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Crop Revenue Calculators

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