Can I Protect My Cost of Production?

Enterprise Plus
Enterprise Plus, a cross between enterprise and optional units, protects all of your farms together and individually with extra coverage. 

How it works: An 85%, 80% or 75% level of multi-peril revenue protection insurance is selected and then enterprise plus may be purchased as an add-on product that separates out databases up to 10 sub-units. This allows for the capture of the enterprise unit subsidy while having optional unit protection. To minimize risk exposure, units can be separated by soil quality, input costs, location, shares and practice. This option provides the opportunity to take advantage of high enterprise unit coverage, with the potential to collect on spot losses on a unit basis..

Harvest Max
Harvest Max is designed to protect against shallow yield losses while protecting revenue and profits. It complements a federal multi-peril policy by narrowing the gap between MPCI coverage and actual production history.

How it works: Harvest Max utilizes an entire crop unit, using a database that covers your entire farm and allows flexibility by allowing you to purchase on any amount of acres. The pricing period for this product is in December and you can select from 30% to 120% of the December average on corn and 30% to 110% on soybeans. It allows for flexibility in price and acreage amount, which allows you to control the premium amount to fit into the bottom line and cover only acres that need extra coverage.

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