Revenue Protection (RP) Insurance

Revenue Protection (RP) Insurance protects crop production and price. You won’t lose revenue as a result of low prices, low yields or a combination of both.

Revenue based crop insurance is not a one size fits all solution. This risk management tool, in conjunction with other strategies, helps mitigate risk for you. Your AgStar agent can help you access your risk and decide which coverage and coverage level will suit your operation.

Revenue Protection
Protect your coarse grain crops against yield losses due to natural causes such as drought, excessive moisture, hail, wind, frost and more. You will also be protected for revenue losses caused by a change in the harvest price from the projected price. You select the amount of average yield you wish to insure; from 50-85%. The projected price and harvest price are 100 % of the amounts determined in accordance with the Commodity Exchange Price Provisions and are based on the daily settlement prices for certain futures contracts.

Revenue Protection with Harvest Price Options Exclusions
These policies insure you with the same concept as Revenue Protection policies, except the amount of insurance protection are based on the projected (spring) price only. The amount of insurance protection is not increased if the harvest price is greater than the projected price. Your AgStar agent can show you how this can impact your operation if you would choose this exclusion.

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Crop Revenue Calculators

Use these simple crop revenue calculators to help estimate your fall revenue guarantee.

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