Specialty Crop Insurance

Get coverage for your specialty crops that work similarly to multi-crop insurance. It’s an easy, affordable way to protect your business.

Nursery Insurance
If you are a grower or wholesaler of nursery plants, protect your business with nursery insurance. Your coverage will include common nursery crops grown in Minnesota and Wisconsin such as trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals and fruit trees.

Like most crop insurance, you’ll get protection against damage due to weather, fire, wildlife, uncontrollable diseases and insects. In addition, protect the value of unmarketable plants affected by a failed irrigation water supply or power supply as a result of natural causes.

Forage Production Insurance
Protect an established stand of alfalfa, alfalfa/grass mixture or red clover against yield loss due to adverse weather, including winter kill, fire, wildlife damage, plant disease or insect damage.

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Crop Revenue Calculators
Use these simple crop revenue calculators to help estimate your fall revenue guarantee.

Crop Revenue Calculator - Corn
Crop Revenue Calculator - Soybeans