Livestock Risk Protection

Raising livestock has its own unique set of challenges, and you take many precautions to protect your animals. Now, protect your price. Livestock Risk Protection coverage protects you against declining livestock prices for swine, feeder cattle, fed cattle and lambs.

AgStar’s Insurance Team can help you understand livestock risk protection and design the best plan for your operation.

Why Choose AgStar?

  • You can select the coverage level, price and insurance period that match your marketing cycle.
  • Coverage ranges from 70% to 95% of daily livestock prices.
  • Insured livestock in weekly increments from 13 weeks to the expected sales date.
  • Coverage is managed by the Risk Management Agency (RMA) of the US Department of Agriculture.


  • You receive a guaranteed price and are protected against declining prices.
  • You select the period that fits your risk management plan.
  • Coverage is available for sale throughout the year and priced accordingly.
  • AgStar specialists are ready to help you with your plan

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