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Risk Management

It’s time to challenge conventional thinking!  Ten years ago, could you have imagined the way technology would change the way you apply your inputs, market your crops or manage your livestock?  Now it’s time to reconsider how and when your plan your entire year.

Long-term risk management planning has never been more important. Larger investments, higher stakes, and a volatile market combined with a global economic downturn, have created an environment where you can’t afford to be caught unprepared.

That’s why AgStar developed Risk Management Solutions:
365 Days a Year

This is AgStar’s most comprehensive approach to risk management planning that touches all facets of your operation every day of the year. That’s right. Every day.

The big picture
The process begins with our team working with you to gain a clear understanding of your financial goals, challenges and opportunities – and ends with developing a customized strategy to help you manage your operation with greater confidence and security.

A team of specialists
Our deep and insightful understanding of agriculture gives us a better idea of the challenges and opportunities facing your operation. Our team of financial consultants, insurance specialists and support staff are well trained in the areas of risk management planning. And, we stay on top of the latest rules and regulations, so you don’t have to.

A better process
Our unique communication process with insurance companies and adjusters ensures your needs are addressed quickly.

Side-by-side comparisons
We work with multiple crop insurance companies, so we can make side-by-side comparisons and choose the coverage that is right for you.

Our business is to serve you, your family and your operation 365 days a year. On the farm - whenever and wherever it is convenient for you. Would you expect anything less?

To find out more about Risk Management Solutions – 365 Days a Year and how it can work for your operation, contact us or call 866-577-1831.  

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 RMS 365

The margin for error is smaller than ever, producers need to work with a risk management TEAM who understands the intricate and interrelated dynamics of
agriculture – and more specifically – their operation!