Design Your Own Vehicle

Chrome CarbookTM is an easy-to-use method of researching and comparing vehicles. Visit it today to find the vehicle that meets your needs and then request a quote on vehicles in your area from AgStar. 

When you visit Chrome Carbook, keep these technical tips in mind:

  • Chrome Carbook is best viewed using a small or medium font setting on your browser.
  • To change your browser setting in Internet Explorer, click View, then Text Size.
  • Choose Small or Smallest, then click Refresh.
  • To change your font setting in Netscape, click on View, then Decrease Font, then Reload.

After finding the vehicle you want using Chrome Carbook, follow these steps to order or get a quote from AgStar:

  1. Click on Chrome Carbook, select Make & Model.
  2. Find the style you want, click Continue.
  3. Invoice and MSRP base price are listed. Scroll down to add options. As options are added, the total invoice and MSRP will adjust.
  4. Now you can Choose a Color, Compare Other Options or Request a Quote.
  5. After you Request a Quote, one of our Lease Specialists will contact you within one business day. Please note that throughout the process your privacy is assured.
  6. After you accept the vehicle quote, you will need to apply for credit and eligibility. You can apply online, or contact us for a lease application.
  7. After we have approved your application, lease documents will be forwarded for your signature and receipt of a 15% non-refundable deposit. This deposit will be applied to your initial lease payment or security deposit (if any).
  8. Upon receipt of the signed documents and deposit, we will order your vehicle.
  9. Depending on the vehicle and manufacturer, vehicle delivery typically takes place within 8-12 weeks. The vehicle will be delivered to a dealership near you.

Find out more about Vehicle Leases. Contact us, call 1-866-577-1831 or Apply Online. One of our Lease Specialists will contact you within one business day.