Lease Programs

Whether you’re purchasing equipment and machinery, a truck or trailer, grain storage or equipment, or a vehicle, we offer a variety of different lease options to meet your needs.

Tax Oriented or Operating Lease.  This properly structured lease can provide an immediate tax deduction for your operation.  Your lease payment is a fixed, tax-deductible expense for tax planning, giving you true margin management. At the end of the lease terms, you can use a tax lease as an estate planning tool to transition machinery, equipment, vehicles and more to family members.

Non-Tax Oriented or Finance Lease.  This lease is handled as a loan for IRS purposes but conserves working capital and provides cash flow benefits. You can use the depreciation yourself on taxes and deduct interest on your taxes.

This lease also gives you the benefit of predictable payments, without the same down payment that is often required on a loan. This represents a great way to purchase a piece of equipment with a low upfront cost.  This lease may also be called a “Buck Out Lease” or a “Conditional Sale Lease”.

Sale-Leaseback.  It may not be too late, if you already purchased machinery, equipment, grain storage and equipment, or a truck or trailer. You can sell it to us and we’ll lease it back to you so you can regain your working capital.

Lease Terms

  • Depending on the type of AgStar Lease, terms can range from two to ten  years.
  • We have options for monthly, quarterly, semiannual, annual, harvest plan, seasonal or skip payments.
  • We offer a range of purchase options, depending on the length of term and the asset being leased.  Our Leasing Specialists will provide additional information specific to your lease option and program.