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Whether you are looking to expand your operation, take advantage of a new opportunity or just manage day-to-day operational expenses, we can help you access the farm financing you need.

Our wide range of agricultural loans are designed to meet your unique needs at any stage of your farming operation’s life cycle. And we back every loan we offer with top-of-the-line service and a true understanding of what it takes to manage your business.

Operating Loans
Finance the day-to-day needs of your operation and take advantage of new opportunities with short-term farm financing.  Manage your cash flow and enjoy the added benefit of tax-deductible interest.  We also offer inventory loans in conjunction with operating loans.

Equipment Loans
Finance new or used machinery and equipment quickly and easily with a loan or line of credit. Our flexible equipment financing is tailored to fit your cash flow and operational needs.

Real Estate Loans
Purchase or improve farmland and rural properties with our competitively priced agricultural loans. We specialize in agricultural properties and offer a wide range of rate options, from a variable rate to a 30-year lock.

Starter Loans
Designed for young and beginning farmers, Starter Loans provide capital to help get your operation started.

Home Mortgage Loans
Purchase a rural home or hobby farm with a Home Mortgage Loan.

Farm Financing Tools

Internet Banking
Manage your AgStar financing quickly and conveniently with Internet Banking.

Cash Management Services 
Take advantage of interest bearing accounts including Funds Held and Farm Cash Management®.

Get reliable, high-quality appraisals of land and equipment.

Interest Rate Trends
AgStar offers multiple agricultural loan rate options to give you the flexibility you need. This chart shows representative rates over time – for an individual analysis and rate quote, please contact your AgStar FSO.

Weekly Rate Chart
Interest Rate Trends


Tools & Calculators

Interactive financial tools to help you run your farm like a business.
  • Loan Amortization Calculator
    Calculates payment amount, loan amount or loan term in years based on either monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payment structures.  You can even view an amortization schedule.
  • Loan Comparison Calculator
    Calculates your estimated change in the first year interest, payment and total payment amount.  Use this convenient resource when considering a refinance or a conversion to one of our product options.