Starter Loans

We firmly believe in offering a helping hand to young and beginning farmers and, in turn, helping our rural communities continue to thrive.

We understand most young and beginning farmers don’t have a long financial track record. That’s why we consider other factors that show you have the skills to succeed. We look at previous success in school, community and work experiences, a desire for ongoing education, and strong family or partner support. We also look for a responsible attitude toward credit and demonstration of the ability to repay obligations.

Starter Loan Program
Our Starter Loans can be used for equipment, operating, land or many other purposes. We offer relaxed underwriting standards and reduced loan fee schedules reflecting discounts up to 85%.

We work cooperatively with government programs like FSA and RFA to secure financing so you can make a strong start in your agriculture career.

Find out more about Starter Loans. Contact Us or call 1-866-577-1831.